Millennium Dawn Rhodesia

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Author: Vito'Molas
Last revision: 7 Sep at 05:54 2017 UTC


A small submod for Millennium Dawn, I have no plan on making events or a focus tree for it.

this mod is BROKEN for most people including me and I have no desire to update it in the near future since I am really busy with my life as of now. Meaning it is DISCONTINUED for now.

-The mod replaces the Reactionary party in Zimbabwe as the Conservative Alliance led by Ian Smith
-Country name changes from State of Zimbabwe to Rhodesia when ruling party is Reactionary
-added George Walls as corp commander
-added Rhodesian flag
-Custom states
-Capital name changes back to Salisbury

For those who have problem with the country’s name change, it is the game’s issue, you might need to restart the game or just wait a few minutes until it changes.

Required items:
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