Arcand in Millennium Dawn (Submod)

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Author: Musket Marine
Last revision: 13 Mar at 05:58 2017 UTC


Bringing the Nightmares to Millennium Dawn.

Also if you know about how I could go about overriding the Blackshirt Canada name for Fascist Canada, please contact me, I need it for the sake of this mod. (But I want it to be compatible with other MD submods)

This mod requires Millennium Dawn (duh), and since I didn’t use his portrait from TFV, you don’t need that $15 money grab DLC.

Have fun, lay off the vodka, and as always, Giraffes are heartless creatures.

Get Millennium Dawn here:

This mod literally adds Adrien Arcand, the Canadian Fuhrer, (who died during the cold war) to the world of today. He also brought his National Unity Party for the ride too. This is pretty much the Canadian Version of the Zombie Hitler mod.

I mean no offense to anyone, by the creation of this mod.

Required items:
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