Muv-Luv EventHorizon

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Authors: BlackCan, Luke the Team seeker
Last revision: 26 Jan at 13:25 UTC


This mod is unplayable and will maintain unplayable for long time
I’m trying to make a Clod War in MUV universe
But as everyone can see,this mod is neither Clod War or MUV at all

the beta now will arrive at 1973, you could use [ event arrival.1 ] to make it land when ever you want
There tag is [ B01 ], may limited player to play as beta in the future
It will declare war at PRC & AFG only, will make unit spawn event for it later.
There’s lag in gameplay may casu by erro, we are now checking on it

I’ll try my best to pushing this mod
The 1.6 update also have something we might help for farther moding
and we are planning to modify some system to fit our work
Thx for all your support