Banzai: Main Theme – Japan National Anthem

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Author: vpl300
Last revision: 4 May at 14:41 2018 UTC



This simple mod replaces the HOI4 main-theme with an old recording of "Kimi Ga Yo", the Japanese National Anthem. If you enjoy this kind you might also want to take a look at Banzai: Main Theme – Seven Samurai.

This mod is made to be used alongside:
Banzai: Loading Screen Overhaul for Japan
Banzai: Music Overhaul – Samurai Movies (replaces original and adds hours of new music)
Banzai: Music Pack – Samurai Movies (adds new music only / compatible with all music-mods )


– Ironman / Save-game
– Achievements
– Road to 56 & all other mods that doesn’t change the main theme-music


– I plan on keeping this mod up to date with all new patches coming in 2018.
– If you have any problems after an update, try re-subscribing!