Old World Blues – Yakuza Rising

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Author: Zusk
Last revision: 27 Jun at 19:18 2018 UTC


Mod information
  • Yakuza Rising is a submod for Old World Blues, a complete overhaul of Hearts of Iron IV to theme it off of the Fallout setting.
  • This mod expands the flavor for the nation **Yakuza Territories**, adding a new focus tree, more then four new leaders, new research options and a entirely custom scripted GUI clan system for them, based on EUIV’s Ming Faction system.

Feature List
  • Adds a new focus tree to Yakuza Territories, over ninety new individual focuses! Complete with choices for how you want to specialize your nation – weather you employ robots on the offensive, or stick to the old ways.
  • More then four new leaders!Can you find the hidden one?
  • A custom GUI faction system – accessed through a new button on the right hand side of the UI. The Yakuza clans are led by a council, and the faction that has the most influence grants you a special bonus. Decide your bonus based on circumstances affecting your nation to maximize your power! Certain focuses and event options increase a certain factions influence as well, so be careful!
  • New research options! Outfit your troops with Wakizashis from Fallout 2, then eventually Katanas and even Shishkebabs!
  • A few events to expand the flavor of your experience
  • A special formable nation!

Installation and Use
  • Subscribe to, then download Old World Blues and Old World Blues – Music (Both are required)
  • Ensure that both are fully working and up to date.
  • Subscribe to this mod, choose Yakuza Territories at the start ( They are next to New Reno ) then hit play!

  • This mod will probably not work with other mods that changes Yakuza Territories, or changes their starting states.
  • This mod is exclusively in english / No hay versión en español / Нет русской версии / 日本語版なし / Nenhuma versão em português
  • If you cannot find the Clan menu, it should be here[i.imgur.com]

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