Hearts of Azeroth (A Warcraft Total Overhaul)

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Authors: maltesermailo, Axey, MrBlazzar™, Zaperox, Zoltarian, Knights of the Realm
Last revision: 12 Feb at 05:36 UTC


Hearts of Azeroth is a total overhaul project to bring the warcraft universe into Hearts of iron 4. Set during the first and second war experience the classic rts games from a different perspective. Fight for control of all new resources with unfamiliar troops and nations to claim all of Azeroth for yourself.

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Suggested settings:
Nato Coutners turned off
No other mods enabled


New Map:
Fight on over 8000 provinces against brand new nations for control over the Eastern Kingdoms. With a constantly changing map with new nations added weekly, making the battle fresh and more intense every time.

Focus Trees:
Using evolving focus trees even a defeated nation becomes fun and interesting to play with alternate history scenarios for almost every scenario. A list of the currently implemented ones can be found down below.
• Brand new generic focus tree
• Stormwind first war focus tree
• Bleeding Hollow Clan first war focus tree
• Gurubashi Tribe first war focus tree
• The Shadow Council first war focus tree
• Placeholder focus tree for Blackrock Clan

New Tech Trees:
No total overhaul would be complete with ought new tech trees and units featuring a wide variety of infantry and cavalry units to choose from, you can also bring death from the sky’s and from advanced engineered machines.


Mod Lead: Zoltarian
Lead Devs: MrBlazzar,Zaperox
Devs: Nightishaman,Godisen
Artists: Telivan,Indyclone,Archmage Khaplan
Writers: Axey,ValianBlue,Jaggerhawk,Claw,Huntsman

Special thanks to Ted52 and Asurito for helping us along the way!

Twitter: https://twitter.com/HeartsofAzeroth

Required items:
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