Spicy’s Lightweight Performance Enhancement Mod

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Author: t.tv/spicyalfredo
Last revision: 3 Jul at 03:53 2018 UTC


Spicy’s Lightweight Performance Enhancement Mod is a mod that aims to provide slight performance gains in Single/Multiplayer games and optimize performance for most systems. Lower end systems seeing the biggest performance gains. Also being able to run the game on faster speeds longer in Singleplayer.

What this mod does oversimplifed:

-Cuts down on AI minors division spam
-Decreases the amount of MP desyncs


The mod achieves increased performance in a few ways:

The mod forces most Central and South American Countries into building only 40 width divisions. This is to prevent these countries from building a ton of 6/8 widths and garisoning them. This would cause unneeded drag on the CPU. The CPU would need to process all these units moving for their garrison command. So this mod reduces the number of units made and thus moving. Looking at you El Salvador.

It also forces all non-major Countries target combat width for their Infantry and garrison divisions to be 40 and 20 width respectively. Slightly reducing the number of Divisions they build aswell.

In Multiplayer the required lag days in order for the game to reduce the speed or pause the game is increased, that way it fixes most desync issues and increases MP performance. Credit to Pentax for this feature. As he made it originally for his mod(s). Link below.


This mod has some side effects in it’s method of performance boasting, but nothing too major-

Noted Side effects of using the Mod and not bugs are:

South America Countries might be easier to kill as they will not field enough divisions to cover large front lines. In some cases, harder to kill.

AI’s Minors will waste Army XP to get desired division width and will create a lot of templates in the process.



Compatibility isn’t guarantee with any mods. Though it should work with most other mods fine. Although large overhaul mods that change country tags, and Unit history files may prevent some functions of the mod from working. In the worse cases CTD’s and crashes.



Q and A

Question: Isn’t this just a carbon copy of other enhancements mods?

Answer: While the methods used to achieve a booast in preformence are the same as similar mods. Those mods are either to specialized for one use case or not updated frequently. This is a more a jack of all trades master of none that can be used with many different mods and use cases.

Question: Can I use this mod in my own mod?

Answer: Yes! No need to credit me. Though it would be nice if you did 🙂

Question: Will this make the Countires affected unable to defend themselevs?

Answer: No they can still build divisions

Question: Does it work with Road to 56?

Answer: Yes, I should know 😉


Based on work, and Inspired by these mods:

Paradox Forum Warriors MP
No Division Spam (30w) (OUTDATED)


My links:
Twitch- https://www.twitch.tv/spicyalfredo
Youtube- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvERpLxfkbTZpmPhQE5LAQA

Thanks and have a nice day!