League of Nations

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Author: lemonporn
Last revision: 14 Aug at 18:47 2018 UTC



This mod adds the League of Nations by using scripted GUIs.


The League of Nations is created when starting a new game with the historical correct member states.
If the game was started with historical focus turned on, AI countries will leave the League of Nations when they left in real life (e.g. Italy will leave in 1937), and there are three historical "accurate" votings in the council of the League of Nations: Voting regarding the Italian-Ethopian War, voting regarding the Anschluss of Austria and voting regarding the Soviet-Finnish Winter War.

Level of Aggressiveness

Every country has a level of aggressiveness between 0 and 100%, which is increased or reduced by specific actions (e.g. being at peace, declaring war, annexing a country, etc.). If it exceeds 10%, a voting in the council of the League of Nations can be started against the country.
The level of aggressiveness of each country is displayed in the detail tab of the specific country, but you can see your own level of aggressiveness at the top bar as well.


Any member of the League of Nations can start a voting against any other country, if it has a high enough level of aggressiveness and the other requirements are met (e.g. no voting active, no election active, country wasn’t a target of a voting recently, etc.). A voting can’t be started against the leader of the League of Nations.

Each member of the League of Nations, except the initiator and the target of the voting, can vote for or against imposing sanctions against the target. The vote of the leader of the League of Nations counts as three and for the voting to be successful at least a two-thirds majority is needed.

If the voting is successful, the type of sanction with the most votes is chosen. The possible types are:

  • Trade sanctions
    • trade opinion of all members of the target: -30
  • War
    • all members gain a war goal against the target
    • only fascist and communist AI countries will vote for this
  • Kick out of League of Nations
    • target is forced to leave the League of Nations
    • target has to be a member of the League of Nations
  • Form coalition
    • if the target declares war on any member, all members are called to arms
    • second focus (Defence) of the League of Nations has to be completed and target must have a level of aggressiveness of at least 50%

If the country recently annexed another country / states, it will have the opportunity to release the annexed country / give back the annexed states to prevent the sanctions from coming into effect.

If the voting was successful and the sanctions are imposed, the country can’t be the target of another voting within the next 100 days, otherwise within the next 50 days.


The leader of the League of Nations is usually elected every year, although elections can be disabled by a focus of the League of Nations. The members also have the option to start a no-confident vote, which will set the time til the next election to one day. Elections are not held while a voting is active.

The player can either choose to vote for a country in the election by clicking a button in the country’s diplomacy tab or wait til the election is hold and choose a country in an event.

The AI votes after a scheme, that gives scores to all members.
Things that influence the score are:

  • same ideoogy as the member (+10)
  • same faction as the member (+20)
  • the AI being the members subject (+100)
  • the member being a major (+15)
  • the member being leader currently (+5)
  • the member being communist/fascist while the AI is not (-50)
  • the member being the leader currently while the AI has voted for a no-confident vote (-1000)
  • the member being a subject (-50)
  • the member having capitulated (-1000)
  • the member’s current aggressiveness (- that value)
  • their opinion of the member (- negavite, + positive opinion).

The country that has the highest score receives the vote, the AI can vote for itself though, if any country votes for them or all countries have a negative score.


The leader of the League of Nations can select focuses of the League of Nations, similar to national focuses:
The last focuses of the two mutually exclusive branches have the following effects:

  • Reform the League of Nations into a faction (all members that accept join this new faction)
  • Reform the League of Nations into one nation (all members that accept are annexed by the leader)

Each focus takes 210 days to complete.

Inviting into, joining and leaving the League of Nations

The leader can invite other countries into the League of Nations. To invite other countries as the leader, you need to go to the diplomacy tab of the country you want to invite and click the specific button (button with the League of Nations icon and a green arrow pointing to the right). The country can then accept or refuse the invitation.

The leader can accept or refuse membership applications. To ask the leader for permission to join the League of Nations, you have to go to the leader’s diplomacy tab and click the specific button (button with the League of Nations icon and a green arrow pointing to the left).

To leave the League of Nations, you have to open the League of Nations window with the button at the bottom right and click the "Leave" button inside of the League of Nations window.

  • HOI4 Version: 1.5
  • should be compatible with any DLC
  • should be compatible with any mod that doesn’t add cosmetic tags (either the cosmetic tags of this or the other mod won’t work) or totally different ideologies than the default game
  • mods this mod is very likely incompatible with:
    • modern day mods
    • mods that change the cosmetic.txt file in …commoncountries
    • mods that remove the default ideologies (democratic, neutrality, fascism & communism) from the game

  • German localisation included
  • English localisation included
  • French localisation included (English language)
  • Spanish localisation included (English language)
  • Polish localisation included (English language)
  • Russian localisation included (English language)
  • Portuguese localisation included (English language)

A Chinese translation can be found here (Thanks to imjx).
A Japanese translation can be found here (Thanks to Yakumo).


Thanks to Nc-Rm for helping me with some stuff.

If you find any bugs or have any suggestions, please let me know in the comments.