Beautiful states: Historical Flavor

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Author: Gerrade
Last revision: 23 Aug at 18:05 2018 UTC


Beautiful StatesSubmod: Historical Flavor


Beautiful States or Beautiful States Monthly
I highly recommend using weekly version.

New Released Countries

– Free city of Danzig (DAN)
– Kingdom of Egypt (EGY)
– French Indochina (VIN)
– Kingdom of Transjordan (JOR)


– New event ‘Danzig side with Germany’
->if Germany invade Poland, Danzig will get this. they can choose Integrate with Germany or Stay Independence
– Historical Flags and Swastikas Uncut

Language Support

– English (default)
– 한국어 Korean:
– 日本語 Japanese: by Hebekeg

Future Updates

– Egyptian National Focus
– French Indochinese National Focus
– Historical events

Discord Channel

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