Paradox Forum Warriors: MP

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Author: Pentax
Last revision: 5 Aug at 14:38 2018 UTC


PFW: MP Performance + Balance

(Paradox Forum Warriors)

This mod is focused for Multiplayer by increasing performance of the game, and balancing the game out, so that people’s skill would be deciding factor on who will win the game.

Change Log

Performance Changes

Useless countries, or countries that can’t be attack according to PFW ruleset, has 0 manpower, so they don’t recruit any divisions, which leands to a better performance.
Increased the required lag days in order for the game to reduce the speed or pause the game, that way it fixes most desync issues and increases MP performance.
Fog of war disabled for everyone.

General Changes

Heavy Fighter 1 & 2 IC cost reduced by 2, Agility increased by 5.
Tactical Bomber 1 & 2 IC cost increased by 2, Air Superiority reduced from 1 to 0.5.
Designing templates do not cost Army Experience.
Reduced gained Army Experience from training, fighting, land lease, etc.
New Ability called Amphibious Assault, pretty much same thing as Force Attack, except it adds +20% Amphibious landing.
Technology Sharing does not get bugged out by focuses such as Invite German Advisors (Romania), Joint Air Development (Hungary), etc.
1944+ Air technology has been removed.
Nuclear Reactor base research days cost has been increased from 500 to 1000.
Nuclear Reactor tech has been moved to 1945 year from 1944.
Nuclear Bomb base research days cost has been increased from 500 to 800.
Nuclear Bomb production from the reactor was nerfed by 15%, previously 1 reactor built 1 bomb in 365 days, now 1 reactor builds 1 bomb in 430.
Required air superiority to drop a nuke was increase from 75 to 80.
Coastal/Land fort max level is now 7 (5 max built +2 from focuses).
Troll/Not Allowed focuses are now completely removed.
Aces no longer give or take away war support (Mainly to combat farming war support with air volunteers)
Increased the combat width for the attacking side during Naval Invasion.
Tank research rule implemented in the mod (research button is not clickable until the correct time comes.
Medium 3s: 41, Moderns: 43, Heavy Tank 3s: 41, Super Heavy Tank 1: 41

Decision Changes

Improved Worker Conditions PP cost reduced from 100 to 85.
Promises of Peace PP reduced from 50 to 40.
Resource Prospecting PP cost reduced from 25 to 20.

Country Changes

UK now has focuses that can make Belgium, Netherlands, Iceland, Dutch Indies, Norway, Ireland, France (has to be ai to work), to disable their manpower and make final divisions to not use any supply, which will help for ally dday landings, where AI floods in divisions and starts eating very precious supply.
Japan no longer has a war goal against Shanxi from Marco Polo Bridge Incident focus.
Japan’s Tripartite Pact now gives NAP instead of Guruantees (In the future it might do a bit more than this).
USA starts with motorized researched, Limited Intervention and Extra Research Slot focuses got swapped.
Germany’s MEFO Bills PP cost increase reduced from .15 per bills to, .10 per bills taken.
Germany’s Jaegernotprogramm decision is no longer available.
USA, Romania, Japan has a national spirit that gives +10% SF capacity increase (USA: Expand the USMC, Japan: Expand the SNFL, Romania: Expand the Marine Regiment).
RAJ’s Smiling Buddha Focus gives nuclear research bonus was nerfed from 75% to 50%.
PRC can no longer infiltrate Japan.
USA’s, UK’s, and Raj’s Nuclear Scientists are no longer available until 1943.
Germany’s Mefo Bills PP cost increase reduced from .15 per bills to, .10 per bills taken.
Germany’s Atlantik wall and that whole fort tree has been removed.
Spanish Civil War spawned division template can now be changed, or division deleted if wanted to (Anti Exploit is still there).
Spain no longer has a choise to stay as popular front (Spanish 1936 elections).
France no longer has an option to refuse Indochina.

Other Changes

Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark, Greece, Yugoslavia, Poland, Phillipines no longer has and produces airplanes anymore, this change was made to stop ai overcrowding airports and reducing effciency.
China no longer can give away beijing area to Japan from Japan’s Marco Polo Incident Focus.
Coups are not doable.
Ability to do Kamikazes from generic focus tree has been removed.
China no longer can declare war on Japan in 1936 with a Pick a Fight with Japan Focus.
It now should be a lot easier to call in AI countries to the war (Mainly China calling all warlords to the war against Japan).
It now should be a lot easier to get control of a state from AI (Mainly focused on Japan requesting chinese territory off Manchukuo, and Manchukuo AI constantly denies it).

This mod is not compatible with Ironman (meaning no Achievements)