No Unknown Enemy Divisions

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Author: Deschain
Last revision: 25 Apr at 06:30 2018 UTC


This mod makes it so you no longer get the "?" in the enemy’s division counters when they have superior decryption.

I find it particularly annoying to have troops in the province next to the enemy, with air superiority and have no idea how many and what type of divisions are there.

The only way to increase intel currently in the game is from decryption (which would make more sense if it gave you info inside the fog of war, not directly in vision of troops) and RADAR (which in the timeframe of the game was primarily used in naval and air detection).

It does not impact the other effects of Encryption/Decryption such as determining the enemy division and manpower on the overview of the country, and also no effect on the combat modifiers.

Note: This does not affect enemy divisions in your border where you have no troops next to. Unless you have radar coverage in that area you will get no intel on it.

This is not Ironman compatible, and for multiplayer all players need to have it installed.