Beautiful Tech Tree: Millennium Dawn

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Author: MajesticLemmings
Last revision: 12 Aug at 18:28 2018 UTC


Note from Dev: Currently I work upwards of 12 hours a day; Updates are coming, and I do read your comments. It just takes time.

Welcome to Beautiful Technology Tree: Millennium Dawn!

For the last year, Beautiful Technology Tree has been in the works. I’ve spent possibly countless hours, or somewhere in the hundreds of hours, working on this mod. Taking lessons learned from Minor Nation Sprites, and applied them as best I could here. Though, many pieces are still missing (completely proper naming, ship icons, more aircraft, etc), I’m content with its current state to release this monster of a GFX overhaul.

I’d also like to give a big thanks to Starfoth The Burgundy Silk Rug for essentially keeping me sane; Thank you for implementing some of the infantry equipment when no one else would.

Beautiful Technology Tree is a comprehensive graphics modification to the largely popular
Millennium Dawn: Modern Day mod.
This mod not only contains graphics, but switcharounds in the tech tree, background images, a few new technologies, and minor balances to units.

  • New Infantry Equipment for all Countries
  • New Generic Armor trees
  • New Generic Air tree
  • New Country-Specific Air Icons
  • New Country-Specific Armor Icons
  • New Artillery Icons
  • New General Tech Icons
  • New Carrier Multirole/Attack Aircraft

  • Artillery Ahead time fixed
  • Armor production costs balanced
    • Light Tanks received a 33% increase in production cost (from 8 to 12 IC, and 5 per tier)
    • Mechanized received a 45% decrease in production cost (from 20 to 11 IC, and 3 per tier)
    • Light Mechanized received a 33% decrease in production cost (from 12 to 8 IC, and 3 per tier)
  • Aircraft range extended
    • No solid consecutive numbers; Roughly 1000km per tier
  • Naval upgrades changed/moved
  • Carrier groups properly filled
    • All existing carriers at 2000 start have proper full carrier air groups (instead of overmaxing at 90/78, or skimming by at 45/78)
  • CV Aircraft Agility, Range, Build Cost, Speed nerfed
    • Agility decreased by 5%, Range decreased by 10%, Build cost increased by 5%, Maximum Speed decreased by 5%
  • CV Aircraft Ground Attack, Naval Attack, and Naval Targetting buffed
    • Ground attack, and Naval attack growth is exponential, beginning to peak after attack aircraft are no longer viable.
Note :

I’ll be flushing out this section further on as things update. Expect more detailed explainations of the changes to aircraft, and armor.

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