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Authors: Valmoric, Satan-Sama, Fox
Last revision: 7 Aug at 18:17 2018 UTC


This mod puts a race of Intelligent Deathclaws into the Old World Blues mod. Rise up and reclaim your birthright! Lead these newly genetically enhanced Deathclaws into the Wasteland’s limelight. Will you kill and slaughter all the humans that have crossed you before? Or will you take on a new and kinder lead allying with the humans and helping your people spread across the wasteland with the use of diplomacy?

There are four factions to choose from in this mod!

" An incredibly old, feeble, and hornless deathclaw. She was the one who lead the small band of intelligent deathclaws in 2210 out west into the vast expanses of Irradiated rivers and forests. More of a figurehead now than a proper leader, her military makes most of the decisions "

" Having led Saralza’s army for so long, Ironjaw sees the importance of a strong military. He views humans as weaker and therefore expendable or exploitable resources. The Deathclaw people must come first, and under his leadership, they will become a force rivaling any feeble human empire. "

" When The Glowing Maw met the new Deathclaws, he saw they needed a better leader. His pride demanded he teach them how to be Deathclaws. Under his claw, they would be strong again, and would carve out a superior home to all. "

" Goris was raised by Saralza, watching her lead their people through the Wastes to their new home. He learned the importance of diplomacy and becoming more than just creatures ruled by basic instincts. He seeks to bring unity and prosperity to his People now, much as Saralza once did. "

We are still in a state of figuring things out. At the current moment the focus tree works however, there are only some focus descriptions done. However, All the focus icons are done and a lot more focuses will be added soon!

Lead Developer: Fox

GFX Designer: Valmoric

Writer: Exalted Wazir

Writer: Satan-Sama

This mod was originally made by Asparagumi and was called Deathclaws of Wyoming. They were unable to continue work on the mod so they passed it off to us to work on for now. Please go and give them your support because without them the mod wouldn’t be where it is today!

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