1942 : The Turning Point

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Authors: Philippe - Dimitri, ShockWave™
Last revision: 27 Jul at 09:59 2018 UTC


This mod adds the possibility to start in 1942.
The Soviets are weakened and the Germans are moving forward to Stalingrad.
I tryed to make it as realistic as possible, the atlantic wall, the battle of El Alamein, the Leningrad siege…

The AI is definitely dumb, so playing multiplayer is always better !

You can join the discord here: https://discord.gg/Mtwg8eT

Features :

– Historical borders

– Finland can negociate peace with the soviet, they can also surrender and become a puppet.

– Reichkomissariats all over Europe.

– The country of Europe can be liberated by the soviet.

– Vichy France can be annexed by Germany

– Savoy and Corsica can be annexed by Italy

– Hitler can flee in Argentina

– Many new historical events

DISCLAMER : The game might freeze at some time, don’t worry and just wait, annexion event are loading and take a while (up to 5-8 seconds…).

The work is steel in progress, don’t hesitate to report issues.
Have fun !