Remove Leaders

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Author: Tarkovian Escapist
Last revision: 20 Apr at 19:51 2018 UTC


Get sick of having 7 generals with the worst traits imaginable, who look exactly like your good generals? Angry at paradox for not letting you removing commanders like in eu4? Well this is the worst excuse for a mod to make it the way I wanted it to be.

You might have to resync your multiplayer save for the decisions to remove the fellas pop up, or save and load your singleplayer game, it’s the case for me.

It doesn’t remove all generals/admirals/field marshals, just the ones who are not assigned to fleets/armies/army groups.

To remove the generals/field marshals/admirals you will find the related decision in the decision tab. If you can’t see them you will probably have to resync if it’s a multiplayer game, or save and reload the save if it’s a singleplayer game.

OWB version found here: