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Author: Veydem
Last revision: 16 Oct at 13:39 UTC


Advanced combat system for Hearts of Iron 4

Short description:
Changes the standard HOI 4 combat system to a more advanced one. The experience of the divisions will exert a stronger influence on the outcome of the battle. Will add not a little interest in the game.
Generals, field marshals and admirals can be pumped to level 70. Carefully choose leaders.
Leadership skills are pumped to level 70. Depend on the level of the officer.
Units are pumped to level 52. Do not forget to train the division before attacking.

Compatible with all global mods and vanilla. It goes well with the mod "No Division Limit". Not compatible with the mod "The Road to 56".
Language is English, Russian.
The HOI4 version should be (1.5. *)