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Author: Adriano5
Last revision: 27 Jul at 19:20 2018 UTC


I made this mod because i like to continue playing after the end of WWII, but it is not at all realistic that countries remain fully mobilized and producing divisions as if there were no tomorrow.

This mod was made for roleplay purposes

When at peace the MOD Add a Decision that force the AI to demobilize.
Players need to demobilize too, otherwise a national spirit will keep hurting stability and growth.

Decision Efects:

– Economy law => Reverted to Civilian Economy

– Conscription Law => Reverted to Volunteers Only.

– World Tension reduction ( – 5 ) per country Demobilized

– Reduction in war support (to prevent remobilization rigth after enacting the decision)

The below Efects are only for 320 Days and will return to normal after this period:
– Increased mobilization speed to acelerate the decay of manpower caused by the new conscription law
– Increased Generate Wargoal Tension Limit.
– Conscription factor -25%

Although this is one of my goals, I could not get AI to delete some divisions, you still can do this if you enter the observe mode and manually delete some divisions from all the countries that have too much, so that you can continue playing with a good performance.

To avoid interference in the early/mid Wars, you could activate the mod only after a big war starts during a game.

Countries with number of military factories < 10 will not be affected by this MOD.

Its compatible with any mod that doesn’t change the file: common/decisions/_generic_decisions.txt