The Sun Sets

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Author: Ermedo
Last revision: 10 Jul at 15:34 2018 UTC



The Sun Sets is an alt-history mod set in a world where the British Empire never existed. The timeline diverges in the 1660’s when Richard Cromwell manages to retain power over the Commonwealth of England. During a civil war 30 years later the French sieze New England and come to secure a victory in the War of the Spanish Succession. This leads the French Empire to dominate European politics until its defeat in the Great War in the 1920’s, leaving the nations of the world to battle over the power vacuum left by France.


The Sun Sets combines shared generic and country specific focus trees. Currently, the following countries have unique focuses:
Russian Commonwealth
American Commonwealth, Mississipian Commonwealth, Canada (shared)
Chinese Republic, Chinese Empire, Ma Clique (shared)
Sichuan Clique
Poland (New)

TSS also includes a new system of internal focuses and rebalances many of the laws in the game. Currently the game has focus content for a campaign from ’36 to about ’42.


Like every other alt-history mod this is an early version, so feedback is duly appreciated! Expanding/adding focus trees is a priority so if there’s anything you’d like to see, feel free to post it in the suggestions thread.

Mod compatility is not fully tested so any luck/issues with combining this with other mods it would be useful info to have. Music mods work fine, however.