Hearts of JoJo: Part IV

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Author: Redmoe
Last revision: 12 Sep at 14:12 2017 UTC


Swaps HOI4 leaders with JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure characters. Most are from parts 1-4.


  1. Jotaro as Soviet Union
  2. DIO as German Reich
  3. Johnathan as United Kingdom
  4. Joseph as United States
  5. Kira as Japan (Villain team up with DIO)
  6. Josuke as China(So he can duke it out with Kira)
  7. Giorno as Italy
  8. Polnareff as France
  9. Kars as Brazil
  10. Whamuu as Venezuela (Battle with Joseph)
  11. Straizo as Tibet
  12. Speedwagon as Ireland
  13. Death 13 as the British Raj
  14. Stroheim as Heinrich Himmler
  15. Cyborg Stroheim as Democratic German Reich and as Hermann Göring
  16. Dio Brando as Fascist United Kingdom
  17. Funny Valentine as Fascist United States
  18. Old Speedwagon as Alf Landon (Oil baron and unlocks standard oil)
  19. Avdol as Kingdom of Egypt
  20. Koichi as PRC
  21. Holy Kujo as Holland
  22. Caesar as Rank 4 Italian General
  23. George as Stanley Baldwin

Multiplayer/Ironman compatible. Does not change the checksum.