#EN language girls und panzer country mod beta

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Authors: xzy1997123, 偌之羽
Last revision: 11 Oct at 11:23 2017 UTC


This is a beta version, which means that events are not translated. However, I finished the focus tree and it may be playable in English. To be honest, I am not confident whether I will finish the events part someday. So if anyone is interested in doing this, I would give as much help as possible.
Anyway, don’t be surprised if it get updated after any holiday.I believe the translation must seem weird. I tried my best. Please don’t be too strict. Correction welcomed.

The mod has been updated, and our new localization project is about to start. I set up this discord if anyone would like to speak to us directly: https://discord.gg/CWYpuW8

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