Piedmont on the Rise & Italian States Mod

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Author: Savoyard
Last revision: 31 Jul at 12:46 2018 UTC


1922: King Victor Emmanuel III refused to recognise Mussolini as Prime Minister and de facto head of state, causing a civil war between the Fascists and the Monarchists.
Great Britain and France supported the latter, and with the threat of Allied intervention, il Duce was forced to sue for peace, allowing the King to rule in the ancient territories of the house of Savoy.
In 1936, with the rise of Adolf Hitler destroying the equilibrium of post-war Europe, will the little nation survive the incoming Global conflict? Will Victor Emmanuel fight for his lost kingdom, or will he join the Axis in their campaign for world domination?

mod infos:
– add to the game Duchy of Savoy (non-aligned – Vittorio Emanuele III), Piedmont (democracy – Umberto II), Piedmontese Empire (fascism – Vittorio Emanuele III) and Piedmontese Socialist Republic (communism – Palmiro Togliatti) with full custom features.
– add to the game realistic italian region borders.
– add to the game all italian regions as emergent nations with their own flag (fascism, democracy, communism, neutrality).

Special Thanks:
– very special Thank to paTchie for the mod "The Dutch Lion Roars Again", used as base for national focus.
– Herman Lindqvist for the Jaeger mod used to create Bersaglieri template

1.1 version update:
– added Amedeo di Savoia-Aosta as advisor and general
– added firms and industries (such as OVP, Officine Villar Perosa, or Ansaldo or Fiat Aviazione)
– added military and civil advisors

1.2 version update:
– added generals and field marshals (Ambrosio, Umberto II, Ferdinando di Savoia-Genova and much more)

1.3 version update:
– added national focuses and national focus tree (included forming a faction, claim Savoy and genoese focuses)
– added guarantee from France and GB
– fixed some firm logos

1.3.5 version update:
– fixed orders of battle
– fixed some bugs

1.3.8 version update:
– added Liguria and Aosta Valley
– added cities of Aosta and Novara
– fixed focuses for the new regions
– fixed orders of battle

– fixed names
– fixed units

– added all italian regions
– added one-region nations as emergent nations (Lombardy, Aosta, Veneto, Friuli, Genoa)
– fixed supply bug
– fixed issues

– added emergent nations (Marche, Tuscany, Umbria, Emilia-Romagna)
– updated to 1.4.2 compatible version

– added emergent nations (Rome, Abruzzo)
– changed mod name

– added emergent nations (Molise, Apulia, Naples, Basilicata)

– added emergent nations (Sicily, Sardinia, Calabria)
– changed mod thumbnail

– fixed bugs

– updated to 1.5.4 compatible version

!!!!!! no "mutual exclusive" between ideology: you can change idea in the course of time, but be careful, sometimes having both exclusive focuses can be useless or dangerous !!!!!!

!!!!!! this mod is for 1936, so the 1939 could have issues !!!!!!

!!!!!! if you want to play as emergent nation, just start the campaign as the major nation that own those territories, click on "manage occupied territories", "realise nation". Save and exit. Then load that save but click on the realised nation !!!!!!