Neptunia Island Conversion [Anime]

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Author: Remington [SNLF]
Last revision: 21 Nov at 03:49 2018 UTC


This mod is essentially just a reskin of my old "Nation of Neston" Mod, except it now features the Neptunia Girls! Instead of Puritan Neston, Planeptune now exists in its place. I’ve buffed the nation somewhat from its previous iteration, seeing as how a mod such as this isn’t very realistic by its nature.

-Features focus tree with 50+ focuses, just like the last mod. There are a small number of custom focus tree icons
-All advisors replaced with neptunia characters such as Histoire or Falcom
-New Focus added that allows the user to create their own "Gameindustri" faction
-Same custom island as previous Neston, but renamed
-New and more powerful Generals and Field Marshalls