Hearts of Iron: The Man In the High Castle

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Authors: Sir Packet Lossalot, Shen Bapiro, Schrody, Foolz

Last revision: 9 Nov, 2018 at 21:25 UTC (6)

File size: 440.13 MB

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(LAST MINUTE INFO: In 2 hours man the guns will be realesed. For personal issues modification wouldn´t start until Monday, some focus tree will be removed to cover a sooner experience of game with the modifications added. Due to electoral process in Europe, it could take longer. Until them, we´ll make the best experience centred in multiplayer and a slim single-player gamethrought.)

After several weeks of work, we can proudly present version 1.0 of this mod.

Due to the problems that the creation of focus a series of mods have been integrated to improve the playable experience until the exit of Man the Guns, which will bring with it the arduous task of remaking the map to avoid compatibility errors.

Start date has been expanded to 1936.

A series of events has been established that will appear as they beat the Commintern and the Allies to partition the territories. In the case of the allies will come the events of "the partition of the americas", which will allow you to get rid of a continent if you do not have the naval capacity to reach the US. if you manage to eliminate the allied forces of Europe, Asia and Africa. Or if on the contrary you have finished with the forces in North America, the events will appear and you will obtain the American territories, but you will have to make capitulate the allied forces to end the war.

A large number of decisions, formable nations and events that will take place from 1936 onwards have been added.
As well as a list of songs from the original Amazon series to improve the setting of the game. This also includes some artistic aspects such as the flags provided by Manchukuoball: www.facebook.com/Manchuriaball0

Finally we can only thank the modders who have taken part of their creations to improve this mod:

No pasaran!
Britain Overhaul
France Non-Alligned path
L´Italia Chiamosi
Mongolia focus tree
Portugal plus
Soviet focus rework.
More decisions
Japanese Dominions Flags.