The Legacy of Skanderbeg – Compatibility Version

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Author: Lucian
Last revision: 21 Aug at 15:55 2018 UTC


Welcome to the "Compatibility version" of "The Legacy of Skanderbeg"!

How is this mod different from the normal TLoS ?

This version of the mod is made in order to be functional with the majority of the mods available on the Workshop.
Stateless: The new states in the normal version of the mods aren’t here. The focuses and ideas we remade to function with the vanilla state.
No Intro: The intro in the normal version of the mod is not here either. The original intro is reestablished. The main theme is also back to normal.
Size of the files: A lot of files were deleted, therefore the size of the mod is considerably reduced.

Thanks for N.C.V for the idea of making this version of the mod!
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