Nationstates: 2040

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Authors: The King, EnderGhostIT, taydeo
Last revision: 12 Aug at 16:47 2018 UTC


The year is 2040 and the world is emerging from decades of unrest, civil war, death, famine, and economic and technological stagnation. Following the start of the Second American Civil War back in 2017, the world descended into chaos. What was once the United States of America is now broken into squabbling nation states, all vying for domination of New America.

From the ashes of Old America, rose New America, a land characterized by war, death, and both democracies and fascistic military states being united by one thing: Hatred of socialism. The new major players of the region, and in some cases, the world, are starting to awaken. Their factories are producing rifles, their men are being drafted by the truckload, and their leaders threaten one another everyday. Soon, war and death will, once again, come to New America.

The Hoosier Alliance, stretching from Minnesota all the way to East Pennsylvania, is considered the inheritor to America’s old military might. They are not, however, the continuer of American democracy…

The Californians, however, are. While many turned towards fascism and most that stayed on the path of freedom rule weakened, corruption filled states, California never gave up on ideas of liberty and forged a nation with steel resolve. They have constantly intervened in wars on the West Coast and Mexican border, preventing the cartels from gaining a greater foothold in America, and stopping neighboring fascists from gaining more territory.

Texas has had more regime changes since the Civil War than anyone can count. There have been military dictators, free and open elections, rigged elections, coups, and shadow governments. However, this time could be different. Their newly elected president is, so far, scandal free. There have been no reports of corruption or accepted bribes and trust in the new government is at all time high. Hopefully it will last…

Mexico, after countless years of crippling government corruption, has fallen to the Cartels. Now, the last remains of the Mexican government cowers in the Yucatan peninsula while the Cartels rule, undisputedly, over the rest of the fractured country.

Canada faces terrible destabilization. Sections of the country were seized by the new American nations, and radicals on both the left and right threaten Canadian democracy.

Hello, and welcome to my mod, Nationstates: 2040!

This mod will feature brand new nations, an alternate history, new national focuses, new events, and more!

Right now, the mod should be playable. However, I have not yet created any events or national focuses of my own.
If you want to help with this mod, feel free to contact me.