The Mosley Manifesto

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Author: T. E. Lawrence
Last revision: 29 Aug at 17:17 2018 UTC


This is a mod that aims to add Sir Oswald Mosley’s real-life policies into Hearts of Iron IV. The inspiration for this mod came from the focus "Mosley Manifesto", which was revealed in the preview for the United Kingdom’s new focus tree in Man the Guns.

This mod is supposed to be both educational and entertaining, as the player goes through the motions of passing real legislation proposed by Mosley throughout his career. With this mod you will learn the policies of Mosley in his own words (edited by me) or through my paraphrasing of his real policies (try and find the differences between his writing and mine!). In this mod you will deal with the Abdication Crisis, a rebellious parliament, economic crises, a potentially power-hungry king, and more…

-Real policies proposed by Oswald Mosley
-Events where the player’s decision makes an impact
-A system where the player is required to boost fascism through policy while managing an angry parliament
-A rewarding ending which will see the British Empire in a much stronger position than the one it started in, or a devastating ending where Mosley and the player become single-handedly responsible for the collapse of Britain
-And more that cannot be revealed for the sake of spoiling the experience…

Planned features:
-The Irish Partition Question
-Women in the Workforce
-A democratic Mosley path?
-J.F.C. Fuller as a general?
-Mary Sophia Allen as a general?
-Additional policies? (e.g. Worker’s syndicalism)

Please leave general feedback, criticisms, bugs that have been found, and suggestions in the comment section below. Thanks for playing!

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