No Time Penalty On Research – Fuck Einstein Edition [MAN THE GUNS UPDATE !]

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Author: Nemesis666
Last revision: 28 Feb at 18:49 UTC



Because, what are you waiting for when you want focus all your energy on a technology ? Are you waiting for the flood ? Nooooooo ! You run on your technology and you do not bother anyone !!!

I placed this mod in "Technology and Historical" tag, because, well, it’s historical to "focus" a technology at the expense of another, no ? USA did it, Third Reich did it, everyone did it ! Exept Paradox. Because Paradox.

Now with this mod, the license DLC finaly have an utility ! Because in vanilla DLC, it’s completely USELESS.
Now, in multiplayer for example, a mate can focus Tank, an other can focus light gun, an other plane, etc… And share with through licenses to his mate.
Which is totaly impossible in vanilla, which WAS THE BASE OBJECTIVE OF THE DLC, no !???

Rocket Science are available in 1936, because, well, it’s not "Brain Surgery".
Infrared are also available in 1936, because, well, it’s not "Rocket Science" !

I’m open to suggestion, for example if you consider the development of Infrared wouldn’t be possible in 1936 (the technology was discovered between 1884 and 1899), or if you think Rocket Science wouldn’t be possible in 1936, give me arguments and I could think of it.

A version more respectful about Mr. Einstein is available on the Workshop at this address :

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