A Millennium Dawn Submod: 1989

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November 5th, 1989

The Warsaw Pact is collapsing, the Chinese Democratic Movement has failed in protesting the Chinese Communist government in Tiananmen Square, ethnic tensions are intensifying in Yugoslavia, Radical Islam is rising in Afghanistan.

The world is changing, we are entering a new dawn.

A Millennium Dawn.

What to do:

-Leader changes for EVERY nation up to 2009 (planning to extend to 2020)
-All original MD events and paths above the following:

-Revolutions of 1989-1992 in order, via event.
-Both Afghan Civil Wars (1989-1992, 1996-2001)
-The collapse of the Soviet Union
-Preservation of Gorbachev with a partially dissolved union
-August Coup replacing Gorbachev with either of the 5 leaders
-A change in Soviet leader in the 2000s, choosing either Zyuganov or Ryzhov
-Return of Erich Honecker in East Germany and East German isolationism post-1990
-Market reforms in East Germany under Sabine Bergmann-Pohl
-A "One Country, Two Systems" path for East and West Germany
-Re-unification of Germany
-Resisting the revolutions of 1989-1992 (based on RNG, be careful)
-Accurate fall of Yugoslavia with Srpska, Herceg Bosnia, Bosnia, Croatia etc.
-Independence of Macedonia and the 10-day war
-Independence of Palestine
-Independence and wars against Eritrea and Somaliland
-The "Gang of 4" (you can get Jiang Qing (Mao’s Wife) to lead China!)
-The Soviet-Iranian War or Soviet-Chinese War
-The Dayton Accords of 1995 (end of the Yugoslav Wars)
-NATO bombing of Yugoslavia and the Kosovo crisis (1998-1999)
-Couping Milosevic for a Titoist general or Marxist-Leninist general
-Boris Yeltsin path for Russia (either Putin or the LDPR succeeds him thereafter)
-Many Socialist and Communist leaders and portraits for all nations
-All post-Soviet bloc Communist leaders
-A "Cold War in the 90s" to return the Soviet Bloc to its original mighty state
-The North Korean military junta (can choose from many generals)
-South Korean dictatorship (can return authoritarianism and ban K-Pop)
And many, many more!

Planning to:
-Extend timeline from 2009-2020
-More focuses for all nations (hopefully)
-More events for minor situations (i.e the Somali and Angolan Civil Wars, the Iraq-Kuwait War and Albanian Civil War)
-The anti-reformist path for Vietnam
-Events which fire as long as the Soviet Union is still Communist (insurgencies, a general continuation of the Cold War throughout the Modern Day)

Enjoy my mod!

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