Copia – Nation Mod

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Author: Crafty
Last revision: 30 Sep at 06:06 2018 UTC


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This mod adds a new major nation to the european theater for you to try out. Copia is best described as a technologically advanced small major or very strong minor nation. With deliberately over-the-top, but not ridiculous buffs, playing this nation is similar to maxing out the custom difficulty slider at the start of a normal game. There are many aspects of this nation designed to make life easy for the player (boosted factory output, good starting templates, varied resources), if that isn’t what you want from your game then please skip this mod, you have been warned.

Firstly, some background: Copia is a fictional nation that I have been developing for the last few years as my first foray into world-building. I’ve grown to love this imaginary thing I’ve created so much that I felt the need to put it into my favourite game. Because of that, this mod is something of a passion project to me, which is why it’s ended up being such a powerful nation, and not the small minor nation I set out to create. I want to share this mod with the HoI4 community for the benefit of anyone else that wants to try it.

Whether you use this nation to help the Axis sink the pesky Royal Navy, change ideology and push the Germans back, or start military coups across the world and forge your own faction, I want to hear about it! I genuinely want to hear all your stories about playing this nation, and I’d absolutely love to receive some Copia world domination screenshots from subscribers. 🙂


All-new island nation in the North Sea.

Fascist government, powerful national spirit, and a buffed generic focus tree.

10 industrious core provinces, and 34 total factories at the start.

12 military factories and 8 dockyards, with increased output.

4 research slots, -20% research time, and advanced starting techs.

Genius military staff and designers with stronger buffs to research.

All resources except rubber, equivalent to other European majors.

20m core population and a 3% recruitable population modifier from national spirit.

Useful starting templates, 20 width Inf/Mot/Tank templates with support.

26 experienced starting divisions, including 6 Motorised and 4 Armoured

400 aircraft across 7 air wings, and 48 ships across 3 fleets (including 6 battlecruisers).

And much, much more…


What the heck is Copia supposed to be? –
As a fictional country, Copia is an industrious, densely populated European nation with a long history of military intervention. Imagine Scandinavia and the Benelux had a 35,000km² baby and dumped it in the middle of the North Sea. In-game, it’s supposed to be a fun, easy to manage nation with a bit of power and lots of options for different play-styles and factions.

Is Copia overpowered? –
Yes and no. In a word? Yes. But it’s by design- the nation is built to feel like you’re playing with the "Custom Difficulty" slider maxed out plus some extra goodies. Playing Copia, you are powerful but not unstoppable.

Your national spirit grants you some tasty bonuses like extra political power, recruitable population, factory output, research speed, and division organisation, but the nation also has some drawbacks including the lowest core population of any major country (even lower than minors like poland and spain), zero factories being used at the start (meaning starting from rock-bottom production efficiency), and only 10 states to build factories on (meaning limited industrial capacity compared to other majors).

I think you should change something about your mod, what can I do? –
If you have an idea for a new feature, or have a suggestion for balance changes, please share it with me by posting in the relevant thread in the Discussions tab of the workshop page.

I have a problem with your mod or have found a bug, what do I do? –
If you’re experiencing issues with getting the mod to work properly, or have found a bug, please let me know by posting in the ‘Bug Reports + Support Thread’ thread which can be found in the Discussions tab of the workshop page.

I like this mod, are there any ways I can help make it better? –
I’m very flattered that you like my mod enough to want to help. Firstly, it’s important to leave a positive rating on the workshop page. I know every workshop page says that, but the way steam ranks workshop items means ratings are essential, and more interest in the mod means more pressure on me to develop it further.

You can also help the mod by suggesting new features in the feature requests thread, I’m always looking to improve! If you’ve had a fun play-through with this mod active then please tell me your stories on the discussions page, I’d also love screenshots if you have them. And finally, if you have any experience modding, then I welcome custom content submissions but cannot guarantee all content will make it into the mod.

Does this mod allow achievements? –
Unfortunately, no.

Is this mod compatible with other mods? –
This mod works fine with most other mods, overhaul mods that edit the map or use custom start dates will likely cause issues. If you experience any mod conflicts, please let me know in the support thread. (Road to ’56 is reported as working.)

Can I use your mod in my mod? –
Not without permission.

Known Issues-

Fleets in port and Divisions in the same coastal province overlap eachother, meaning only one can be seen from the main map view. The workaround I’ve found is to move whichever one you want to “hide” out of the province and back in again, this puts it behind the other. Another workaround is to click directly on the army sprite or naval base to select either the division(s) or the fleet(s).

There are currently no name lists for divisions, meaning divisions will be named after their templates. Ships are also given no name by default, meaning you will have to rename them manually if “Light Cruiser II” annoys you.

There are no night-time city lights in Copia, this is due to me not having any software on my computer that allows me to edit .dds files which is required to add city lights to the map. This is purely cosmetic and only affects players using the day/night cycle.

Copia’s national focuses do not have localised descriptions, only the titles have proper names. This does not affect gameplay and is only noticeable when looking at a focus’s description.

Disclaimer: This mod has not been tested for the 1939 start. The way the mod was made says that there should be no issues playing from the 1939 start, the only problem is that you will have all the same divisions, research, industry and national focuses that you start with in 1936. This will put you quite severely behind other nations.

If you encounter an issue with this mod, please post in the bug reports discussion thread and I will do my best to support you however I can. If you have any suggestions for either new features or balance changes then please post in the relevant discussion threads, I’d love to hear your suggestions and bring the mod forward as a community.