Hecking Gorgeous Overhaul

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Authors: jIRIPOCA, Holy Doggo, Comrade Stalin, Samu02, SkylarWeston, Not A Canadian, Itsumi Erika, Adlerfritz, episch
Last revision: 18 Sep at 03:24 UTC



Have you ever looked at the HOI4 map and said, "Vanilla isn’t really that historically accurate."? Well, with HGO, you will say that no longer. You can now remake historical borders including: The Cold War, World War One, or even the Ottoman Empire. This mod adds many releasable nations such as the Rhine, Alaska, and many more to come.

What We Plan to Add

We eventually plan to add more releasable countries, focus trees for various nations, upgrade the political system, add hundreds, maybe even thousands of new events, add more to the tech trees, and much more.


Our Discord is for anyone and everyone, so feel free to join. Link: https://discord.gg/k3kfSUA

Focus Trees

Currently there are no new focus trees. However, once we are done with the map, we plan to add many new focus trees.


This is a complete overhaul, so most mods won’t work, however most graphical/musical mods and mods such as toolpack should work.
This mod IS NOT ironman compatible.


Special thanks to gerrade, for letting us build off of his mod, Beautiful States