Better Generic Focus Tree (Updated)

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Hello! This mod replaces the existing Generic National Focus Tree with a better one. This means that a small generic country can be focused into a force of reckoning as described further below. Before we get into the details, a quick word about compatibility:


This mod uses its own namespace, so that it does not overrite other files that other mods bring in. This reduces compatibility problems, but does not prevent them. Any mod that replaces the "generic focus tree" will be overwritten by this one, as there is no way to dynamically combine focus trees.

The Road to 56

Mod works fine with Road to 56, as it replaces the the Generic Focus Tree with this one as intended.


The new focus tree allows generic nations to increase manpower, population, building slots, research slots, and even resources by focusing them as described below:

High Powered Industrialization

The new industrial effort tree allows players to focus on increasing building slots, "prospecting" for additional resources, motorizing agriculture, and more.

Develop Industry

The industrial efforts for generic states are powered up a bit, allowing you to rival major countries. Each effort adds more factories and building slots, and the first infrastructure effort, called "Develop Industry", adds 2 civil and 2 arms factories, with infrastructure for every state owned. With the second infrastructure effort adding more infrastructure and building slots for every province in your empire.

Advanced Barracks Construction

A nice gem to add a 0.05% boost to your manpower once you focus all industry efforts.

Military Construction Program

At the cost of temporarily cutting your manpower to 0, you get 90 days of 75% factory and construction boosts. You cant be in war though, and you have to have available manpower. Use wisely!

Frontier Development

Additional focuses in this tree allow you to continue to add building slots to your states, as well as find resources through "prospecting" focuses. Larger countries will find more resources as well.

Agriculture Reform

Leverage motorized technology and focus your efforts on population boosts. The boosts are very highr right now (up to 1000%), which might be tweaked (lol) – they do modify your population to go from 0.12% or something low like that to near half a percent. This might be tweaked a bit and needs testing.

Food for the troops
Sacrifice your population bonus for additional manpower!


The research branch for generics starts off with adding a resource slot right away, so you can catch up to the majors. You also get the chance to militarize your education, and create state-sponsored programs and sharing programs, ultimately allowing for additional resource slots and manpower.

Military Schools

You dont need to be nationlist to instill military education which results in additional manpower. This will create a fascist drift, albeit a small one.

Sponsorship Programs

State sponsored education has its benefits, including additional research boosts and research slots.