Rise of Technocracy

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Author: TheCrafterESP

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What if the Technocracy Movement were more popular during the 30s?

"This ideology advocated having expertees in the government to fix the issues and also pursue an economic system based on resources and energy. Their main goal was to omptimize the production and distribution of goods to benefit the many with the supervision of the few. Technocracy Incorporated wanted to unite North America because they saw the continent as sustainable. The movement was highly exacervated during the Great Depression in the USA and in Canada but due to having close ties with communist ideals Technocracy Incorporated was banned in both countries during the great war. One of the main arguments in favor of technocracy is that politicians do not go deep into the roots of a problem and its possible solutions."

Wikipedia Page[en.wikipedia.org] for more information about the subject.

The mod is mostly made for fun but I intended to keep it realistic. The focus tree, available after Technocracy Inc. wins the 1936 Election, represents the reforms that could be done in order to achieve a technocratic state in the USA. The focus tree also gives the option to expand north and south. I’ve made this mod because I’ve never seen one related to this topic in the workshop and after two failed attempts to convince the Kaiserreich Team to add the ideology in the 2nd American Civil War I knew i had to do it myself.

I hope you really like it and if there’s any problem just write it down in the comments below.



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