Swedish GFX

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Author: NotM├Čnn
Last revision: 10 Dec at 17:13 UTC



Seeing as Sweden has alot of indigenous designs of weaponry, tanks and aircraft, I was a bit dissapointed with the lack of any representation of Swedish military equipment. So I decided to make something myself. Note that this is a GFX mod, and will only change the appearance of the vehicles (though, I’ve added descriptions and more detailed history about the vehicles with the GFX).

As of now, these things I want to implement into the mod:

– Swedish Tank Tree (main icons) (Done)
– Tank descriptions (Done for main models)
– Airplanes (Done)
– Artillery Tab (Done)

– Sub-classes for tanks in the tank-tree (Not Done)
– Infantry Equipment, trucks and Mechanized (Not Done)
– General descriptions for all new icons and equipment (Not done -main tanks)

Compatible with anything that doesn’t touch or mess with Sweden’s GFX, probably.

Ironman can be enabled.

I can always take suggestions.

Some notes for everyone wanting to download this mod:
– I will update this mod with new icons whenever I have time. Progress might be slow, but I will atleast finish the mod.

– Some tanks are partly a-historical or completely a-historical. (Specifically the M44-45 and the TM-36)
– The camoflage scheme is a bit a-historical, too (mostly the pattern).

– Some of the aircraft are a-historical.

Thank you for reading the description, I appreciate that you can try to find out things yourself.