Demobilization Enhanced

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Author: Buffalo444

Last revision: 8 Sep, 2018 at 12:41 UTC

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Admittedly, this is a mod of a mod. The original Demobilization mod was made by Adriano5. You can find it here:

This mod adds a bit more flavor to Adriano5’s mod. Changes:

War support is only reduced by the decision itself in Democracies (-50%) and Non-Aligned countries (-5%). All countries still suffer from some WS decay, but only a total of approximately 13% over the course of the year the decision is in effect. This is not including outside factors.

Tension is reduced based on ideology. Fascism is only 1%, Communism is 2%, Non-aligned is 3.5%, and Democracies are 5%. This is per country. These numbers are not final, but will be tweaked as time goes on. Your input is welcome.

All ideologies but Fascists drop to Civilian Economy. Facists drop to Early Mobilization. All ideologies but Democracies drop to Limited Conscription, Democracies drop to volunteer only.

Fascists lose 300 PP, Communists 150 PP, and Democracies gain 300 PP.

The decision automatically ends if you are at war again, just like the original mod.

To prevent automatically switiching back to the higher economy and conscription laws, law costs increase by 1000%. this does not prevent switching -per se- (as the base cost would then be 1650 PP), but does put a steep cost on doing so. This might not work for the AI in certain mods (Expert AI possibly), but if that is the case the cost will be tweaked so it is impossible.

Final breakdown:

365 day decision
Cost 1 PP
Weekly War Support -0.25%
Economy law cost +1000%
Conscription law cost +1000%

– 300 PP
Early Mobilization
Limited Conscription

-150 PP
Civilian Economy
Limited Conscription

-5% War Support
Civilian Economy
Limited Conscription

+ 300 PP
-50% War Support
Civilian Economy
Volunteer Only