More Fun | Faster Coups, Research and NF

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Author: Codah
Last revision: 9 Sep at 17:32 2018 UTC



Do you get tired of waiting a long time to research, complete national focuses or stage coups? This mod is for you!


– The time needed to research stuff is reduced to 10-15 days (of the game)
– The time needed to complete national focuses is reduced to 10-15 days (of the game T-T)
– The political power need to stage a coup is reduced to 50 and the daily pp used to stage a coup was increased to 5 (faster coups)
– Boost ideologies more fast (1,25% daily change)


• This mod is NOT ironman compatible
• This mod IS multiplayer compatible
• This mod IS savegame compatible. You can turn it on and off mid-game without danger.
• This mod IS compatible with Millennium Dawn, Road to 56, Kaiserreich, The Great War, etc.


This is my first mod so if you find any errors or bugs tell me.
Sorry for my english, i speak spanish.


– Me