Scornful Insults

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Authors: lemonporn, LordVarangian
Last revision: 25 Oct at 20:19 2018 UTC



This mod brings scornful insults from Europa Universalis IV to Hearts of Iron IV.


You can insult any country that is neither in your faction nor already at war with you.
You can send an insult every 90 days and every 6 month to the same country.

AI will also insult neighbor countries sometimes.

When you use the "Send an insult" diplomatic action, you can generate random insults and then send them.
(When HOI4 Version 1.6 is released, we may be able to also add an option to select a specific option instead heaving to randomize all the time.)

An insult currently has the following effects:

  • opinion of target of you changes by -50
  • world tension is increased by +0.5
  • Sender:
    • stability changes by +0.5
    • war support changes by -2.0
  • Target:
    • stability changes by -0.5
    • gains the following bonuses for 30 days:
      • weekly war support: +1%
      • justify war goal time: -10%
      • justify war goal tension limit: -5%

In multiplayer there will be a survey between the players and the majority will decide, if stability and/or world tension are affected by insults.

  • HOI4 Version: 1.5.* (1.5.2 and higher)
  • should be compatible with any mod or DLC

  • English localisation included
  • German localisation included
  • French localisation included (English languange)
  • Spanish localisation included (English languange)
  • Russian localisation included (thanks to anbory and Otto von Bismark)
  • Polish localisation included (English languange)
  • Portuguese localisation included (English languange)


A few, generic insults were taken from Europa Universalis IV.
Thanks to everyone who suggested any insults.

Current Insults

You can find a list of all currently available insults here.


If you find any bugs or have any suggestions (e.g. new insults), please let us know in the comments.

None of the used insults are supposed to be taken seriously, they are purely used for fun and memeing.

to do:
– currently it’s not possible to display the name of the target/sender of the insult within the pop up; this will be fixed when HOI4 1.6 is released