Taureor’s Terrain Mod – Plains

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Author: Taureor
Last revision: 14 Sep at 11:11 2018 UTC


Hello everyone, I am Taureor, a Hearts of Iron 4 youtuber. Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/Taureor

I have made a series of mods that change all of the terrain in the game.
This one changes everything to plains.

It does not change, names, graphics, etc. It only changes the game behavior (unit effects). For example mountains will still look like mountains and be named mountains, but will behave like plains. To verify this, just hover over the terrain picture and you will see the unit effects or fight a battle and see the terrain effects there.

The mod is very light-weight and should work with everything that does not change the terrain, though it will not work with anything that does. It is also not compatibile with my other terrain mods, so just choose one.

It also doesn’t affect unit-specific bonuses, for example mountaineers still get bonuses only in the provinces that are named "mountains", regardless of the changes this mod makes.

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