-Total War – Multiplayer

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Authors: Hegemony, WinstonTheNinja, Ianthe, mode: 公羊牧場
Last revision: 28 Sep at 16:40 2018 UTC


– Total War – Multiplayer Version



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Total War is a total overhaul mod that aims to provide a more complete and balanced experience of World War 2 without overcomplicating or compromising balance for gameplay purposes. This particular version is intended for multiplayer, but works perfectly well in single-player nonetheless, as a matter of fact it still contains all AI improvements that the single-player version has. As an overview this version of Total War contains features that improve the MP playability, changes that would otherwise compromise the AI and make it too inefficient. This standalone multiplayer version of the Total War mod focuses on the player’s experience against other players and it strives to have great gameplay while keeping the historical accuracy as high as possible. Total War includes unique tech trees (aircraft and armour) and unique focus trees for these majors to ensure that you are massively immersed whilst playing your country of choosing. The entire mod in a whole has been rebalanced, so industry does not for example snowball and to get a large standing army is incredibly difficult. The unit that you have on the field are very precious in the early-mid game and it is not until later on in the game that the full industrial capacity of nations is unlocked. The game aims to make the Axis strong in the early early-mid game and give the Allies and the Comintern the advantage towards the later parts of the game.

  • Balance in all things
  • Island Hopping Mechanic
  • Unique speeches for most majors
  • Improvement of the AI on ALL levels
  • Reworked combat mechanics
  • Reworked map
  • 100s of unique events
  • 100s of unique leaders and national spirits
  • Decreased lag
  • Unique German, American and Soviet Armor trees
  • Unique British, American, German and Soviet Air trees
  • All equipment statistics reworked
  • Doctrines improved
  • New decisions for all the majors and expanded generic ones
  • UI improvements
  • More Straits
  • SS and Red Guards Divisions
  • And much more

New National Focus Trees for:
  • USA
  • UK
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Soviet Union
  • Japan
  • France
  • China
  • PRC
  • And other minors
Planned Additions for the up coming weeks:
  • 3D models for all majors and commonwealth(waiting for author permission)
  • Improvements to Paradox’s focuses for minors (ROM, HUN, CAN have been already improved)
  • Unique tank statistics for USA, GER, SOV, Commonwealth (currently they have generic stats)
  • More polishing and UI improvements (feedback and bug reports are appreciated!)
Planned Additions for the next months (September most likely):
  • Expansion of current focus trees into later stages of the war
  • Total Asia Rework
  • Republic of Salò and Italian capitulation mechanic
Authors’ Note:
  • This mod is the result of months of playtesting and even though it’s not done yet we consider the mod in a pretty good state. After summer we’ll have more time to work on it and hopefully complete it.
  • DLCs are not required but we use Paradox’s focuses for many minors so in order to have the best experience the DLCs are necessary (In multiplayer only the host is required to own them).


All help is welcome, feel free to message any of us on steam of better yet discord.

*DISCLAIMER: Total War MP is NOT A REALISM MOD. We will consider historical accuracy when it benefits gameplay.
Use the NATO Counters to play this mod

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