HOI3 Loading Screens + Sound

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Author: AnthonysBigWeiner
Last revision: 4 Sep at 07:24 2018 UTC


Very simple visual mod aiming to bring HOI3 into HOI4

-Replaces loading screens with Hoi3 loading screens

-Replaces menu music with hoi3 menu music

-Replaces divison move orders and select to hoi3 sounds

Planned features:
-Add all Hoi3 songs
-Replacing UI and buttons
-Replacing more and more sounds
-integrating MPU Nato Counters and Reworked Map & Counters

-Last 3 screenshots are a combination of Reworked Map and Counters, my mod, and MPU Nato Counters
If I get the permission my hope is to release it together as full HOI3 mod and expand it into an complete visual overhaul