Hearts of Iron IV: Cold War Assault

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Authors: Mr.Domino, Kenneth
Last revision: 30 Nov at 00:15 UTC


Welcome to Hearts of Iron IV: Cold War Assault !

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Why make another Cold War mod?

This mod will aim to take you down the subversive and diplomatic side of the Cold War with hundreds of interactive events and a few interesting oddball events that will make some games interesting.
Drastically change the outcome of world politics through events rather than mindlessly trampling other nations and puppeting them.
Take out a country within or assassinate their leader, rather than just supporting a party via ingame.
Narrowly avoid full on nuclear warfare with the Warsaw Pact or support tolerance towards your people in certain countries to promote a civil war!
The mod will focus on major events across the world both political and social. Restore European Monarchs or fool the United States into intervening in the Soviet Afghan War…
The possibilities are nearly endless!

The start date is 1974 with three more scenarios starting in 1978, 1984, and 1988 and the game ends in 2003.
Hoi4 games usually last from 7 to 10 years. I hope with each start date, those games will have their own interesting scenarios and end before reaching the next start date.

Being an overhaul mod, no it won’t work with any other overhaul mods you imbecil… But if it is minor GFX mod, sound mods, or scripting mods then they should be compatible.

Finished Focus Trees:
Soviet Union
West Germany

Planned focus trees:
United States
United Kingdom
South Korea
North Korea
People’s Republic of China

These are a list of mods that I wish to thank for making this mod possible

Cold War 1970
The Road to 56
Millennium Dawn
Modern Day 4
Iron Curtain: A World Divided