Tis For Thee – Full Version

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Author: Lutz
Last revision: 11 Nov at 14:16 2018 UTC


This modification is ment to improove the vanilla game without making a total overhaul.

Tis For Thee – Ironman
Tis For Thee – Kaiserreich

  • Bypassing the German censorship (Heil Merkel)
  • Coloured generic tech icons
  • Fixes to the German localisation
  • Historical flags for every country
  • Improoved strategic view
  • More division icons, NATO and others
  • NATO theatre icons
  • New music from HoI3
  • Rocket animation bug fixed
  • Some graphical tweaks
  • Slightly adjusted map
  • No province-owned lakes
  • Tech screen without scrolling
  • Adjusted states to make historical borders more possible
  • An additional support brigade per division
  • Generals enabled to command up to 25 divisions
  • Historical claims and cores
  • More colours in the theatre screen to choose from
  • New country colours
  • German invasion of Norway will fire before Germany invades France
  • Player led peace conferences
  • Zoom in further
  • Better neutral ideology
  • Costs for political ideas reduced
  • Resource slot fix
  • Slightly tweaked AI
  • Reduced AI division spam

Planned features
  • Expanded tech tree
  • Additional states
  • More ideologies
  • New laws and political options

Recommended mods to use with TFT – Full Version

  • Support for English and German language, others might work aswell
  • Not compatible with mods that change the state files
  • Some features might not work when combined with other mods
  • Compatibility with the recommended mods is ensured