Sino Soviet Union

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Author: Vincenttonius

Last revision: 12 Aug, 2018 at 21:50 UTC

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this is a little mod, where you can form the nation of the "Sino-Soviet Union".

to form the union, you will need to annex all of the Chinese warlords, except for:
-Guangxi Clique
-Yunnan Clique

i don’t own the flag of the communist party, and i got the idea from:
The Constructed Worlds (Fandom) page about the Sino-Soviet Union.

here’s a link:

I mainly made this mod because i am working on another much bigger mod.
btw, i dont have a flag for the fascist/democratic/non-aligned party yet,
and i dont have a little map for the Union in the decisions tab.
if someone would help with making those, that would be awesome ! 🙂

WARNING: this mod is mainly focussed on a communsit union,
so if you’re playing fascist(or any other ideology) and then form the union.
it may be a little bit weird.