FasterAll 2.0

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Author: Parsek

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##### Welcome to FasterAll 2.0 #####

This mod is the first of my QoL mods that I am making at my friends’ requests.

What this one does:
– Makes a Political Advisor available for all countries named Speedy Gonzales
– Speedy costs only 10 PP and the A.I. is weighted to pick him frequently
– Speedy builds all buildings twice as fast, allows for war justification twice as fast,
cuts training time by 50%, and increases research speed by 100%
– Note that Speedy still requires the Political Advisor slot
– Speedy does NOT affect National Focus times: those are hard coded

*Not Ironman compatable
*Does not require a new save file (and should play nice with most other mods too)

Developed because one of my friends insists on playing obscure minors and really wishes
that the loading bar simulator which is HOI could be played on speed 6.

And with a dash of my Looney Tunes nostalgia for flavor 🙂


Old revisions of this mod are available below. Click the link to download.