Millennium Dawn: The Reich Strikes Back

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Author: Helicopter Pinochet

Last revision: 21 Dec, 2018 at 19:58 UTC (5)

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This is a submod for Millennium Dawn that adds more stuff to Germany’s fascist path in their focus tree.

– New focuses(obviously)
– A fascist Germany that can actually expand
– New national spirits
– New events
– The ability to search for Hitler or the High Command
– A change to the Racial Laws focus


Monarchist version:

IMPORTANT NOTE: Once Millennium Dawn is updated, I’ll probably make some changes to this mod. I’ll get rid of Settlers in the Ostgebiete and replace it with a decision, and I’ll also probably add the historically-accurate flag(if it isn’t already in MD once they update).

Plans for the next update:

  • Remove Settlers in the Ostgebiete and replace it with a decision
  • Add the historically accurate flag
  • Move Generalplan Ost to be after "Lebensraum" and require Germany to have conquered the countries you can attack with "Lebensraum"
  • Add new focuses for invasions (Denmark, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Slovakia, Croatia, Hungary, Romania
  • Move the Old Rumors branch to be in the main tree
  • New options for Führers(Klaus Armstroff, Udo Voigt, Holger Apfel, Volker Wieker, Adolf Hitler)
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