Victoria Cross

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Author: QT3.14GF
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What if the Great Rapprochement Failed?

During World War 1, America joined the Central Powers in 1917 and extended the war to 1921. Despite the efforts of both American and European Central Powers, they lost and suffered a humiliating defeat at the hands of the Entente.
Shortly after the war, the Kapp Putsch occured and, after a short standoff between Germany and the Entente, Germany kept its military leadership at the cost of a harsher treaty. The German freikorps were never disbanded however and now act as a pan european paramilitary organization promoting a pan germanic state.

America, both bitter and resentful of the entente, made signifigant changes to the country. Because of the war, Americans became more francophobic, anglophobic, and anti-slavic while embracing other ethnic groups such as the Germanic and Irish peoples. America also decided that rather than remove stars from the great american flag, the American flag itself would change. On top of this, the American people have subscribed to this idea that there once was an American Empire that was on its way to greatness but its future was cut short by the Entente and now the Second American Empire rises.

Ameirca also made constitutional changes in which the presidency lasts longer since elections were viewed as a reason for their loss since elections during wartime caused problems. Now before an election, the highest ranking American military official would become the commander in cheif of America to ensure her safety during the tranition stage of american presidents.

The Russian Revolution lasted longer and was bloodier than any civil war in history. In the end, due to many factors including extended entente supplies, an extended world war, and Lavr Kornilov’s survival, the White Army of Russia was able to defeat the communist forces. While this victory would be viewed as a heroic moment, it was only the beginning of the red menace. With the defeat of the communists, many red √©migr√© subscribed to the idea of the global revolution and spreading communism to the whole world. Communists spread throughout the world bringing their ideology with them. This would lead to communists becoming stronger in hungary and china but the next major revolution would happen in the British Empire.

If you ask a canadian where the British Revolution began, they will say it started in Winnipeg. If you ask a Brit, they will say it started on the home islands. regardless of who is right, in 1934 a communist uprising began shortly after the 1933 crash of the london stock market. In only a short while the British Empire began to collapse and the once great superpower left a power vacuum that the former central powers were all to happy to fill.

now with the depression in full swing and the former entente members to weak to properly stop their enimies, the clock drifts one minute closer to midnight.


The Commonwealth
New England
Rupert’s Land

The Entente

The Axis
United States of America

The International
New England

The Allies
New Zealand
South Africa

currently the mod is nowhere close to finished as many more national focuses need to be added and the map is still unfinished.

the following countries have unique national focuses

Union of Britain

if you have any ideas for improving the mod or just want to give your opinion, then please leave a comment
if you want to help out with the mod then please message the author

The team is currently aiming for one new focus tree every month with a planned release every month

I would like to explain what the future plans for this mod are
1) I have set milestones for the mod with the first milestone being the replacement of all base game focus trees with custom focus trees.
2) after this milestone is reach, the next milestone will be to add a portrait to every nation at the start of the game
3) From now on i will have a Q/A for any questions that will be asked that aren’t too specific or too broad. so feel free to ask any questions you might have.
4) regarding the lore of the mod, I will be including lore in the mod but for now the focus is on the gameplay. you can expect some lore either in the next update or the update after. anywhere between 1 month and new months.
5) for those who want lore now, here is a quick explanation of what is happening in the game.

Questions and Answers

Q) what version of Hearts of Iron 4 is this mod for?
A) Version 1.5.4


added leader portraits and fixed some countries ideologies
added colour to german focus tree
added some new countries
removed the caucasian war and made caucasia a puppet under russia
added more to the russian focus tree
added to austrian focus tree

removed siberia from the game and added tiny focus trees to kokand, iskolat, and azerbaijan

second russian civil war will now trigger in 1938 but currently will always lose

*Developer note*

I would like to thank everyone for their interest in the mod so far and anyone willing to assist with the mod would be greatly welcomed

to be more transparent with the modding community, i am providing a list below of what will be the goal of the next update


Create small Istanbul focus tree
Small rework to french focus tree
small rework to mongolian focus tree
small rework of generic focus tree
small rework of canadian focus tree

add to the german focus tree
add to the american focus tree
add to the russian focus tree

add colour to the british focus tree
add colour to the canadian focus tree

create the following countries
1) british columbia
2) alberta
3) saskatchewan
4) shanghai international settlement
5) restore all central american nations
6) macedonia
7) kosovo
8) sardinia-peidmont
9) lombardy

replace allies with commonwealth
add egypt and palestine to commonwealth

change colours and small change to ideologies

add around twenty more leader portraits