Emoji Leaders

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Author: Spooky

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Aye, this is the Emoji Leaders mod! While playing HOI4, I realized the leader portraits weren’t
family friendly enough for YouTube so I changed some of the leader portraits to more
family friendly portraits!
Ironman Compatible Version: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1531320310
^ This version says it’s no up-to-date but it should work just fine since it only changes the GFX.

This mod features:
– New and improved leader portraits
– Neville Chamberlain (ENG)
– Stanley Baldwin (ENG)
– Édouard Daladier (FRA)
– Adolf Hitler (GER)
– Benito Mussolini (ITA)
– Hirohito (JAP)
– Joseph Stalin (SOV)
– Franklin Delano Roosevelt (USA)
– Arturo Alessandri (CHL)
– Mao Zedong (PRC)
– Thorvald Stauning (DEN)
– Éamon de Valera (IRE)
– Mackenzie King (CAN)
– Ignacy Moscicki (POL)
– Winston Churchill (ENG)
– Custom leader trait "emojify"
– Increased political power gain
– Lower mobilization law costs
– Weekly stability increase by 0.1%
– Edited loading screens (only a few though)
– One extra national focus: "Allegiance to Emoji"
– Canada
– France
– Germany
– Italy
– Japan
– Soviet Union
– United Kingdom
– United States of America

Leave suggestions of other emoji leaders and/or features to add to this mod if you want, I’ll
probably be adding more to this in the future!

Social Media:
YT: youtube.com/SpookyIsRed
Twitter: @SpookyIsRed


Old revisions of this mod are available below. Click the link to download.