Italy Mod

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Author: Akaoni
Last revision: 20 Oct at 08:49 UTC


A mod for Italy. I tried to fix some historical errors in HOI4 and make Italy more playable and enjoyable. All modifications were made fitting as most as possible the historical reality.

– Fixed Aircrafts names, using the historical ones:
. The italian Tactical Bomber during the early ’30s was the S.M.81 ‘Pipistrello’, while the Ca.101 was mostly used as transport plane;
. The italian Fighter in 1944 should have been the Macchi C.206 (or Fiat G.56), while the G.55 (and the C.205) were developed in 1942. The armistice in 1943 and the allies bombardment prevented the final realize of these aircrafts.

– Added "Economic Sanctions" to Italy in 1936.
. After the italian aggression to Ethiopia, the League of Nations applied economic sanctions to Italy. Indeed they weren’t so useful, since many countries continued to trade with Italy. However, a month later the end of the Ethiopian war, the sanctions were revoked.

– Fixed some core states:
. Zara has been added as italian core state (it was inhabited by italian people);
. Istria has been removed as yugoslavian core state.

– Aircraft Designer refactored:
. Macchi is now available only after having completed the "C.R.42" focus;
. Caproni has been removed as Naval Aircraft designer, since it never developed Naval Bombers (indeed it developed transport and heavy bombers aircrafts);
. Savoia Marchetti now as a new special trait ("Medium Bombers Aircraft Designer") that merged the Tactical Bomber bonus together with the Naval Bomber bonus. Indeed Savoia Marchetti developed really good tactical bombers that have been successfully used as naval bombers too and in this way the bonus for the heavy fighter has been removed (italian heavy fighters were really bad).

– Ship Designer refactored:
Italian navy was quite powerful at the beginning of the WWII, even if it didn’t use any radar equipment neither aircraft carriers. Anyway, the submarines and the battleships were at the forefront.
. CRDA is now a "Raiding Fleet Designer". It developed many submarines and destroyers during the war;
. Ansaldo is a new ship designer with "Atlantic Fleet Designer" trait (It developed many battleships before and during the war). It will be available only after having completed the "Atlantic Fleet" focus.

– New Industrial concern:
. AGIP has been added as "Refining Concern" and it will be available only after having completed the "Prospect for Oil" focus. AGIP was founded in 1926 to supply Italy with the hydrocarbons it needed.

– Theorist list refactored:
. Romeo Bernotti has been added as "Naval Aviation Pioneer", but it will be available only after having completed "Democratic Rebirth" focus (Alternative History path). Romeo Bernotti tried to convince the fascist regime about the importance of aircraft carriers, but he was unheard;
. Renato Sandalli and Italo Balbo have been swapped. Now Italo Balbo is a "Air Warfare Theorist" that fits more with his air warfare idea;
. Rodolfo Graziani and Emilio De Bono have been swapped. Now Emilio De Bono is a "Grand Battleplan Expert", since historically he has never been chief of the italian army and the Ethiopian invasion was successfully planned by De Bono.

– Chief of Army list refactored:
. Pietro Badoglio has been upgraded to "Expert" level, since he was a good field marshal. But he also gained the "Old Guard" trait, since his ideas were outdated;
. Rodolfo Graziani now is a "Army Defense" specialist, since he was chief of the italian army from 1939 to 1941 and he focused his warfare on defense and entrenchment;
. Federico Baistrocchi has been added as "Army Reformer" specialist. During his term as chief of the italian army (1934-1936), he tried to reform and upgrade the royal army;
. Alberto Pariani has been added as "Army Organization" specialist since he was chief of the italian army from 1936 to 1939

– Chief of Navy list refactored:
. Inigo Campioni has been removed from the list, since he has never been the chief of italian navy;
. Raffaele De Courten has been added as "Commerce Raiding" specialist, since during the interwar period he was in charge of submarines and destroyers. He was chief of the italian navy from 1943;
. Domenico Cavagnari now has "Decisive Battle" trait, since he set up a development program focused mainly on battleships;
. Arturo Riccardi now has "Naval Maneuver" trait, since his activity as chief of the italian navy was focused on protecting convoys and light ships.

– Chief of Airforce list refactored:
. Renato Sandalli has been added as "Ground Support" expert, since he was an excellent bombers captain during the Ethiopian war. He has been chief of the italian airforce from 1943;
. Giuseppe Valle has been added as "Air Safety" specialist. He has been chief of the italian airforce from 1928 to 1939 and he was focused about the aircraft reliability;
. Rino Corso Fougier has been upgraded to "Expert" level.

– Military High Command list refactored:
. Inigo Campioni has been added as "Fleet Logistic" specialist (from the chief of the airforce list). He was Governor of the Dodecaneso;
. Ettore Bastico has been added as "Army Logistic" specialist, since he tried to warn Rommel about the logistic problem in Africa.