German Leaders Expanded

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Author: Flavius Titus

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Hello guys,
this Mod adds a lot of new military leaders for the german army (Wehrmacht) and the german navy (Kriegsmarine). It includes 46 new military leaders for the land forces (4 field marshals and 42 generals) and 10 new leaders for the naval forces.
All traits of the new leaders are fit to their historical tasks and military units they’ve led before and during World War 2, to give the game a more authenical feeling.
Even the game included leaders (political, military and naval leaders) were replaced and reworked by myself with authentical and historical accurate color photos, some pictures I had to recolorize by myself, cause it wasn’t possible to find any good color photos for some leaders.
I hope that you’ll enjoy the mod and I would be very happy if you would let me your feedback in the comment section below, cause I’ll try to fix some buggs from time to time and keep this mod up to date (when new updates will come out).

Sincerely yours Flavius


1. Will you keep this mod up to date?
Yes I will.

2. Will you add more leaders?
At the moment…no, but from time to time.

3. Do I need a DLC to use this mod?
No this mod doesn’t require any DLC for Hearts of Iron IV.

4. Is this mod compatible to other mods?
You’ll have to find out by yourself, graphical modifications should not cause any trouble, but I would highly recommend not to run this mod on total conversions like Endsieg or Black Ice. But as I said before, you’ll have to figure out what works for you.

5. Will you change the background of the portraits?
Why should I?! If you don’t like it you can create your own leader mod.

6. Some leader portraits are not visible for me, what should I do?
This is a well known issue, but it works for me. Maybe you should switch the game language into english an deactivate all other major mods you have activated.


UPDATE 10.10.2018

This update adds 23 new generals for the german army and 7 new admirals for the german navy,
even Hitler and Himmler are available as field marshals now (of course with very bad leader traits).
The changes shouldn’t cause any troubles with your savegames at all, but if you want to play with the new added leaders, you’ll have to start an new game.



Political Leaders:
1. Adolf Hitler
2. Hermann Göring
3. Heinrich Himmler
4. Dr. Konrad Adenauer

Military Leaders (Wehrmacht):
1. Albert Kesselring
2. Alfred Jodl
3. Erich von Manstein
4. Erwin Rommel
5. Erwin von Witzleben
6. Ernst Eberhard Hell (RECOLORED)
7. Ewald von Kleist
8. Fedor von Bock
9. Felix Steiner
10. Friedrich Paulus
11. Friedrich Schulz
12. Georg Hans Reinhardt (RECOLORED)
13. Georg von Küchler
14. Gerd von Rundstedt
15. Gotthard Heinrici
16. Günther von Kluge
17. Hasso von Manteuffel
18. Heinz Guderian
19. Hermann Hoth
20. Johannes Blaskowitz (RECOLORED)
21. Josef (Sepp) Dietrich
22. Kurt Student
23. Maximilian von Weichs
24. Paul Hausser
25. Walter Krüger
26. Walter Model
27. Wilhelm List
28. Wilhelm Ritter von Leeb

Military Leaders (Kriegsmarine):
1. Alfred Saalwächter (RECOLORED)
2. Erich Raeder
3. Günther Lütjens (RECOLORED)
4. Hermann Boehm (RECOLORED)
5. Karl Dönitz
6. Wilhelm Marschall (RECOLORED)




Field Marshals:
1. Ernst Busch (Field Marshal) – Offensiv, Logistics
2. Walther von Reichenau (Field Marshal) – Offensive, Logistics
3. Werner von Blomberg (Field Marshal) – Offensive, Defensive
4. Wilhelm Keitel (Field Marshal) – Defensive, Logistics

1. Dietrich von Saucken (General) – Tank, Urban Assault, Winter
2. Eduard Dietl (General) – Mountaineer, Engineer, Winter
3. Erich Hoepner (General) – Tank, Trickster (RECOLORED)
4. Erhard Raus (General) – Tank, Winter
5. Erich Abrahaham (General) – Infantry, Urban Assault
6. Ernst Sieler (General) – Infantry
7. Eugen Ritter von Schobert (General) – Infantry, Engineer
8. Ferdinand Schörner (General) – Infantry, Mountaineer, Ranger
9. Franz Halder (General) – Infantry, Artillery
10. Friedrich Dollmann (General) – Infantry, Artillery, Fortress Buster (RECOLORED)
11. Friedrich Hoßbach (General) – Tank, Urban Aussault
12. Friedrich Mieth (General) – Infantry, Fortress Buster
13. Fritz Bayerlein (General) – Infantry, Ranger, Urban Assault (RECOLORED)
14. Geyr von Schweppenburg (General) – Tank, Trickster (RECOLORED)
15. Hans Jordan (General) – Infantry, Urban Assault, Fortress Buster
16. Hans Schmidt (General) – Infantry, Fortress Buster
17. Hans Valentin Hube (General) – Tank, Trickster
18. Hans von Obstfelder (General) – Infantry
19. Hans Jordan (General) – Infatry, Fortress Buster
20. Heinrich Gottfried von Vietinghoff (General) – Tank, Trickster
21. Helmuth Weidling (General) – Infantry, Artillery, Urban Assault
22. Hermann Balck (General) – Tank, Trickster
23. Hermann Bernhard Ramcke (General) – Commando, Paratrooper
24. Hermann Recknagel (General) – Infantry, Engineer
25. Johannes Block (General) – Infantry, Winter
26. Karl Allmendinger (General) – Infantry, Fortress Buster
27. Josef Harpe (General) – Tank, Urban Assault
28. Kurt von der Chevallerie (General) – Infantry, Ranger
29. Kurt von Tippelskirch (General) – Infantry, Urban Assault
30. Otto Skorzeny (General) – Commando, Ranger
31. Richard Ruoff (General) – Infantry
32. Otto Schünemann (General) – Infantry, Engineer
33. Smilo Freiherr von Lüttwitz (General) – Tank, Trickster
34. Traugott Herr (General) – Tank, Engineer
35. Walter Hartmann (General) – Infantry, Fortress Buster
36. Walter Heitz (General) – Infantry, Artillery (RECOLORED)
37. Walter Melzer (General) – Infantry
38. Walter Wenck (General) – Tank, Winter (RECOLORED)
39. Walter Warlimont (General) – Infantry, Artillery
40. Walther Kurt Nehring (General) – Tank, Trickster, Winter
41. Walther von Brauchitsch (General) – Infantry, Engineer
42. Wilhelm Postel (General) – Infantry, Winter


1. Bernhard Rogge (Admiral) – Spotter (RECOLORED)
2. Günther Guse (Admiral) – Ironside (RECOLORED)
3. Karl Theodor Krancke (Admiral) – Blockade Runner (RECOLORED)
4. Kurt Caesar Hoffmann (Admiral) – Superior Tactician (RECOLORED)
5. Kurt Fricke (Admiral) – Seawolf (RECOLORED)
6. Lothar von Arnauld de la Perière (Admiral) – Ironside (RECOLORED)
7. Otto Ciliax (Admiral) – Superior Tactician (RECOLORED)
8. Otto von Schrader (Admiral) – Superior Tactician (RECOLORED)
9. Rolf Carls (Admiral) – Blockade Runner (RECOLORED)
10. Wolf von Trotha (Admiral) – Spotter (RECOLORED)


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