KR – Total Reskin (Planes)

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Author: American-Canadian Empire Ball
Last revision: 21 Oct at 17:23 2018 UTC


Hello! Welcome to the second submod for a mod for Hearts of Iron four, what a tongue twister.

Just like My previous mod, KR – Total Reskin (Tasnks), this mod gives planes to every starting nation and some break away nations, each nation will eventually have their own skin for their planes, but will just stay bass models until they are made

Not all nations do have planes, but soon they will once all the tags are gathered

I do not recommend using Commontech for this mod, I do not know what problems it could cause, but if you want to be adventurous I can’t stop you

I tried to get the death or dishonor planes to work with this mod, but they unfortunatly dont work right now, and im still trying to get them to work, so Serbian, Romanian, Hungarian, and Bohemian planes will have placeholders for now


German Planes
Russian Planes
Japanese Planes
English Planes
American Planes
Italian Planes

Just like the Tank Mod, I have given countries their planes based on what their biggest influence is

Special Thanks to Juice, Creater of KR – Total Reskin for helping me with this procces, and thanks you to Paradox for making such great models for their game


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