The Republic of Texas

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Author: King Dedede

Last revision: 27 Oct, 2018 at 17:52 UTC

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The Republic of Texas

For over a hundred years now the Republic has existed in its current form, shrinking down to the borders seen today by the ever expanding US. Despite winning its independence against Mexico, and securing it during its second war against Mexico, the Republic has stagnated into political debate over rather or not to join the US for the last hundred years, with the Houstonians for, and the Nationalists against. Can the Republic survive?


Focuses: 100 Focuses, complete with Political Trees for all ideologies!
Events: Over 40 events with which to see the events and choose Texas’s way foward!
Germans: Well.. You’ll see.

Please bare in mind this is only .7 of this mod, and I plan to update it more in the future. Maybe.

For now, please enjoy. The fate of the Republic is in your hands.

Important Note: This mod in no way reflects the political views of anyone affiliated with the creation of said mod.

Update: First Political Focus now gives guarantee with US. Should be useful to avoid any issue with early wars.